Sweden's most experienced NetSuite and Oracle partner


Ever since 1998 Alterview has helped companies find simple solutions to complex issues through sophisticated business systems tailored to your business. As Sweden’s most experienced NetSuite and Oracle partner, we are passionate about implementing systems which provides the greatest possible business benefit for you, letting you concentrate on your core business.

But we believe that successful solutions are not only based on a good product but also a good customer relationship. We believe that successful solutions are achieved through close collaboration between customers and consultants throughout the project. This gives the customer a deeper understanding of how the system works and the required functionality is achieved efficiently.

In order to deliver successful solutions, with a good product and a good customer relationship, dedicated consultants are required. Therefore, Alterview strives for an atmosphere where our employees feel the possibility to evolve and to work with projects that inspire. This way we can continue to deliver successful projects which combines experience and innovation.


Our history

The name Alterview was first and foremost a hint of an alternative view of the traditional division between functional and technical consultants, which mainly the larger consulting companies apply. A traditional breakdown that means that “functional” consultants meet the customer and specifies the “solution” and “technical” consultants get the specification and develop it.

We felt that the consultant’s knowledge should include the initial contact with the customer to final delivery and everything in between, by both having a deep functional knowledge of how the system works and deep technical knowledge in the various tools used to customize and further develop the system’s functionality.

The alternative view is based on the fact that one and the same consultant can discuss with the customer in the “customer language”, design the best solution in the “system language” and finally develop it in the “platform language”, which we considered fully possible with Oracle EBS.

Because the company’s founder has a background in Oracle database development, the name Alterview was also a wordplay with the database commando alter view, which is used to change a database view.

As the technical landscape changes, new needs and requirements arise for business systems. Since Alterview has an alternative approach and likes to find creative solutions, we saw the benefits of moving the business system to the cloud, something which was made possible with NetSuite. When Alterview moved to the cloud and NetSuite we became the change we wanted to see. Our ambition was to put NetSuite on the map in Sweden. With hard work and a burning commitment we have reached it.

Our ambition now is not to be Sweden’s largest NetSuite partner, but we still want to be Sweden’s most experienced NetSuite partner. With committed and knowledgeable employees it is possible. With committed and knowledgeable employees, we can continue delivering sophisticated solutions which gives our customers a business value beyond the expected.


A few milestones in Alterview’s history

1998 Alterview founded – Oracle EBS
2007 Alterview is the first NetSuite partner in Sweden
2008 Opens development office in LuleƄ
2009 Translate NetSuite to Swedish
2010 Releases the first Swedish localizations
2012 Opens office in Gothenburg
2016 First SuiteApp (Alterview Report 360) is released
2017 Second SuiteApp (Alterview Kanban for NetSuite) is released
2017 Alterview is appointed as a 5-star partner
2017 NetSuite opens office in Stockholm
2017 Alterview Launches CRM Boost Kit and Economy FF
2017 Other Swedish NetSuite partners start up operations in Sweden
2017 Three new SuiteApps released (Alterview Charts, Alterview Navigator & Alterview ScreenShots)