NetSuite is a cloud-based business management solution suited to small and medium enterprises and multinationals with 10 to 10,000 users.


Every industry has its own set of varying needs, requests and circumstances. This is especially true of major companies and groups that typically have somewhat special requirements. That is when the standard solution often is just not enough. And when you think about it, a standard solution can never be enough for a modern company. A modern business management solution is required. A management solution that can handle a large number of different variables and challenges, whilst being able to change as the company does. You need a business management solution tailored to your company.


With NetSuite, you get a broad, standardised system, preconfigured and ready-to-run immediately upon delivery. Also, depending on your needs, the management solution can be fully adapted to suit your preconditions. Usually without any extra programming at all. Most of the work can be done with simple clicks and configurations. The solution is also kept current using the most recent updates, which are automatically installed regardless of the adaptations made. At the same time, the installation can be modified as your company expands.

A management solution customised to your needs, now and in the future. Not the other way around.


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NetSuite OneWorld – for small businesses and large groups

With NetSuite OneWorld, you can administrate several companies with a single system. Subsidiaries located in various countries using different currencies can easily be combined and consolidated within the parent company without any language confusion or unnecessary surprises. A solution suited to both large and small companies with ambition.


NetSuite Inc. was established in 1998 by Oracle’s founder Larry Ellision, together with Evan Goldberg. Their goal was to create a flexible and adaptable business management solution with an efficient interface. It needed to be compatible, platform-independent and available in many languages, while upgrades and new functions had to be easy to implement. The solution; put it all in the cloud, where it remains to this day.

For medium-sized and large companies

A CRM application to assist you penetrate the market

NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM+ is a customisable, cloud-based CRM system. It provides you with a concise overview of your company and a means to manage the entire process in everything from client services, order flow, time reporting and keeping track of expenses to e-mail campaigns. The framework (fields, tables and data entry forms) can quickly be customised to your requirements with a simple click of the mouse and using configurations. Furthermore, when the time comes to expand, you can easily add more functions into the same system, such as invoicing, travel expenses and accounting.
Net Suite CRM+ can be purchased separately and integrated into your current business management or accounting solution. Those investing in the NetSuite business management solution automatically gain access to everything NetSuite CRM+ has to offer.


Industry solutions

Sometimes, certain business sectors require specially-developed functions. As the only NetSuite distributor in Sweden, we can meet your needs by providing modules that NetSuite itself has not managed to develop, no matter what your business is. Some clients for whom we have provided special solutions are IDG (International Data group), Mediekompaniet, the Chamber of Commerce and Scania, to name but a few.


Customised sector-specific industry solutions

Product data sheets

Here you can download NetSuite product data sheets. The documents are in PDF format, and in order to be able to read them, you need a PDF reader, such as Acrobat Reader (some of the documents below are in Swedish and others are in English). If you are looking for product data sheets concerning specific modules in NetSuite, feel free to contact us at Alterview and we will be happy to assist you.