NetSuite is a cloud-based business management solution suited to small and medium enterprises and multinationals with 10 to 10,000 users.

NetSuite lives up to the promise of an intelligent, integrated and easy-to-use application for fast-growing and mid-sized companies to international business groups – everything gathered in a real cloud service!


NetSuite is the fastest growing business system today and is used by over 40,000 customers worldwide, all of whom have experienced the benefits of this powerful system. NetSuite is tailored to the company’s business processes, not the other way around!


Intelligent / Visibility

With all your data collected in the cloud, you always have updated and relevant information at hand. Real-time key performance indicators are presented in customizable dashboard, allowing for faster and better decisions.



Ready-to-use features ranging from CRM and e-commerce to ERP and self-service portals for business partners gather in one single powerful application. Having all data collected in one place allows for automated business processes in a friction free flow.



With support for international business group structures, you can manage multiple companies in one and the same system, where subsidiaries in different countries with different currencies are consolidated into the parent company. As your company expands, you can easily add more companies to the system.



With a modular standard system, the system can be expanded as your company grows and new standard functionality can be activated as needed. A strong platform for integrations enables solid solutions with surrounding systems.



With a complete toolbox to design tailormade solutions, you can easily customize anything from specific business processes to the user interface. Customize menus and functions for different roles for a user-friendly experience. The basic philosophy is that the system continues to work for an upgrade, although the system contains a large amount of customization.



With a true cloud service, you have access to important business data around the clock no matter where you are. With updates twice a year for all customers worldwide, you always use the latest version of the system.

SuiteApps and Localizations

With over a decade of experience of complex implementation projects, Alterview has developed solutions to take an already amazing system to the next level. With our SuiteApps for NetSuite, we provide an incredible user experience, and thanks to our localization for the Nordic market, NetSuite meets the system requirements required to handle local regulations.


Alterview Report 360
Alterview Kanban for NetSuite
Alterview Charts
Alterview Navigator

Alterview localizations for the Nordic market

NetSuite datasheets

Download product sheet to read more about NetSuites pre-configured product modules. If you are looking for product data sheets concerning specific modules in NetSuite, feel free to contact us at Alterview and we will be happy to assist you.