The Oracle E-Business Suite fulfills all the criteria of a modern and efficient business management solution. Our solution comprises a complete suite of ready-to-use functions for the entire company.


Having a centralised solution means that all information is gathered in a single place. The constantly-updated information is accessible across the entire system. This feature is vital in allowing for reliable business analyses to be conducted. The Oracle E-Business Suite is fully based on Oracle technology, with the application and database optimised to ensure accessibility and performance. Without having to resort to information islands or multiple storage set-ups, our model ensures the safe storage of data. Not only does the use of different sub-systems result in a fragmented business management solution, but also in multiple storage locations. This means that information is unavailable. Such a solution requires constant updating of the sub-systems and the information must first be compiled into a readable form. Why spend your time on updating and compiling when you could be evaluating? With only one operating environment needing to be administered, a centralised solution results in an even better operating economics. The alternative is to have management solutions on several systems, and in the worst case, in several locations. Such an option is considerably more expensive.



Oracle E-Business has a modular design featuring ready-to-use interfaces between the modules. The modules are developed according to best practices and encompass all business processes within the company. The modular design with its standardised interface allows for the activation of functions as the company needs them and as the available resources allow. You can start on a small scale and expand the solution later. Also, external systems can be connected by means of the pre-set interfaces. When implementing a new management solution, an old solution can be “plugged in” and then gradually phased out. Thus, it is not necessary to replace all existing systems at the same time. This allows the implementation of the new system to be done with a great deal of flexibility in terms of time and scope. A solution is never complete in a best of breed strategy. The various parts of the solution are all in different phases, which means that integration is an endless task. Obtaining an all-encompassing solution necessitates all sub-systems being integrated with all the others. Before long, you find that integration becomes a large part of all administrative work done.


Every organisation has its own unique way of doing things. In keeping with its best practice solution, Oracle E-Business Suite supports most of the company’s processes according to well established standards. However, there are always a few processes that are unique to each company. In order to deal with these, Oracle E-Business Suite offers the means to adapt simply within the standard application. Instead of the traditional approach involving the re-writing of software, business processes and the design of the working procedures can be changed according to the unique needs of the company through configuration and workflow. Adjustments can even be made to suit a particular individual. As opposed to changes made to the software, configurations are always supported and are thus not affected when upgrades are made.


It is easy to connect to Oracle E-Business Suite. All you need is some experience in using web browsers. Using an ordinary link, you can connect to the business management solution’s log-in portal where the relevant authorisations are obtained by means of a pre-defined system roles. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry out complicated installations or to bring in the experts just to get a connection to work. This makes the task for those in mobile working situations considerably easier. All you need is access to the internet.


Register information at the source. Allow those who have the information to register it. Simple tasks can just as well be registered by the individual employee. This generates a greater sense of responsibility in terms of the accuracy of the information as well as a greater sense of involvement. Above all, these tasks can be done when it is most convenient, e.g., when the information is new or in connection with other administrative routines. This eases the burden on current administrators and thereby eliminates mistakes in registration and duplication of tasks. Oracle E-Business Suite offers broad support for self-service. The registration of travel accounts, updating of staff registers, the ordering of office supplies and the registering of working hours are just a few examples.


Efficient management of an enterprise requires access to good management information. If the information is not properly compiled or cannot be presented, it is of no value. It is difficult to get any useful information out of management solutions featuring information islands and double storage. Such data must either be compiled using complicated procedures, or else a special application needs to be made for this, a so-called data warehouse. Oracle’s architecture with its central data storage makes that unnecessary. Right from the start, Oracle E-Business Suite offers applications that can be used to present management information in real time. Such Business Intelligence applications can be found in a number of functions within the management solution. Instead of allocating resources to developing information, you can be developing the business.



Increase efficiency by sharing information both inside and outside of the organisation. By sharing with others, every individual can find the information relevant to each specific matter at hand. Sharing information allows you to assign others to monitor and make decisions. Practical applications include allowing suppliers to monitor their inventories so that deliveries can be made “just-in-time”. Finance departments can monitor outstanding accounts. Users can register and monitor support tickets. The planning of training courses is simplified through monitoring of the booking situation. Customers can get information about underlying orders, order status etc. Oracle E-Business Suite offers ready-to-use applications for information sharing. Specific applications and a well developed authorisation system ensures that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.


A common procedure makes the work within any organisation much easier. Management is simplified if everyone in the organisation is working according to the same procedure. Employees can identify with the business processes. This is no less important if the organisation extends across several office locations or countries. The business management solution reflects the way the organisation manages its processes and therefore supports a uniform procedure. The task is managed in the same way. It should be easy to get used to the new functions. Screen images and the processing of information should work the same way. Reports can be generated in a similar fashion. Since Oracle E-Business Suite consists of a uniform suite of modules, the procedure is identical. Once you have learned to use one part of the system, it is easy to work with another. Within a fragmented system, procedure is not the only thing that is completely different from one module to another. Even local solutions may require different procedures from one function to another.