Solutions for business success

Alterview is Sweden’s most experienced NetSuite and Oracle partner. With a great dedication in combination with a well-established work process, we help our customers find solutions for today that are scalable for tomorrow.

We are available for the entire or selected parts of an implementation project, always committed to find solutions which gives you the greatest possible business benefit.



During the analyzing phase, we collect information about your business and existing systems, to fully understand and evaluate what needs and what challenges there are. We also identify potential risks and take into account the desired timetable. Through this we have the opportunity to propose a suitable solution.

During the implementation phase, we often work agile, allowing us to identify additional requirements which arise during the project. Often, our customers gradually come across aspects and conditions that must be taken into account during implementation.

The vast majority of implementation projects require a certain degree of customization. With a system which provides great tools for creating tailormade solutions, our functional consultants can provide the customizations and adjustments requested without any development required. For customizations requiring development, our experienced technical consultants are engaged to design the best possible solution.

Throughout the project, we will gradually test the solution to ensure that the requested functionality is achieved. We also encourage our customers to successively test the solution, to get familiar with the solution and to feel comfortable with the new system.

Data Migration
When all functionality is secured with test data, we assist in migrating data into the system well before go live. Migration of data is an essential step in an implementation project, as the data is the foundation of the system’s usability. In order to fully utilize data, we help our customers to clean up and structure the data before it is migrated into the system, to ensure that the system contains relevant data.

Change Request
After having worked with a new system for a while, new requirements and requests for additional functionality are not too rare. Upon completion of the implementation project, we assign one of our consultants as a contact person, constantly up to date on any new requirement and ideas on how to further improve the functionality of the system.



In conjunction with an implementation project, basic training regarding both the system’s standard functionality and a review of the implemented customizations is scheduled. Additionally, we also offer courses in specific areas or solutions, either in connection with an implementation project or on a separate occasion.



We understand that the need for support continues long after a new system is deployed, which is why our knowledgeable support team is available for your questions and complex problems you need help solving, both as a on-time support and on a monthly basis.